• 9 Out of 10 CEOs Know Sustainability Matters
    ...They Just Don't Have a Plan.
  • A United States Carbon Sustainability Plan is self-funding

Let us show you how you can reduce your operating expenses by 20 to 50%

United States Carbon LLC, is an energy efficiency and Business Sustainability Project Management Company. Our business clients will become more Energy Efficient, Greener, Cleaner, More Socially Responsible and more profitable – all at the same time, and for little or no capital outlay. The energy savings from United States Carbon proposed projects are what is used to fund all project costs. 

Simply put, we help companies reduce their energy consumption, increase the value of their  business and improve their company’s social responsibility through our Carbon Reduction Audit, Technologies & Project Funding Process. 

United States Carbon combines the best in class technology to achieve the most comprehensive approach to reduction of energy in exchange for Carbon Assets. Our software solutions measure energy consumption and create the baseline for the Carbon Assets. Our solution can be offered as software service (SaaS) to large greenhouse gas emitters for corporate social responsibility, reporting and compliance management.


Not yet convinced that we are a partner for excellence ? Here are five other important benefits of working with United States Carbon.

  • Fast track approval process

  • No cost - no risk energy audit

  • Multiple financing solutions

  • Construction financing including soft costs

  • No lien on property, only the equipment