Buying Credits

Who can buy carbon credits?

carbon creditIndividual and Corporate, Industries, Banks, Investors, Employees, Freelancers, etc..

Anyone can buy carbon credits, and, after the investment, will receive at the informed address the Certificate of Carbon Credit (CC).

Final considerations:

  • The Investor, Donor, Contributor of Carbon Credit (CC) Volunteer must be secured documentary about climate benefits from the project and also social benefits to the communities directly involved. The positive balance compared to the existing reality in the absence of the project will demonstrate the certainty of their additionality.
  • The Environmental or emissions additionality refers to the carbon accounting procedures, in which projects must demonstrate real results, measurable and long term, reduction and / or prevention of carbon emissions that would not occur in the absence of the project Carbon Credit (CC) and Design of Avoided Deforestation (REDD).
  • Mitigation of climate change: Reducing deforestation and forest degradation can help reduce emissions of harmful gases, Preserved Native Forest promote removal of CO2 from the atmosphere, these are our goals for the Project that are prepared, executed, and ready for proper monitoring.
  • Socio-economic development of the communities involved, Indigenous Areas, Farms, Farmer, Cattleman, Cocoa producers, through diversification of agriculture, protection of soil and watercourses, direct jobs, use and sale of forest products, aquaculture and ecotourism.
  • Conservation of biodiversity through the restoration and protection of natural ecosystems, protecting species from extinction, and keeping a natural and productive environment for humanity.
    With efficient planning and implementation, all these positive results can be achieved in an economically effective way.
  • The sea is becoming more acidic in an unprecedented pace, due to the burning of Fossil Fuel, and or burning of Native Forests, and the emission of carbon dioxide (CO2). Half of the gas reaches the oceans and reacts with water (H2O) increasing the acidity of water through the presence of ions of hydrogen (H+) remove water carbonate (component of shells of marine animals where they are difficult to form them), Marine animals such as molluscs, snails, corals, eqüidermos (starfish and micro organisms with shells tend to be extinct from this problem).